AMFSS Electronic File Policy

Electronic File Policy

American Fire Safety Supply LLC.’s Policy Regarding Receipt of Electronic Architectural Drawings

Revised date: August 3, 2022

If during the course of a project (“Project”), American Fire Safety Supply LLC. (“AMFSS”) receives and accepts electronic architectural drawings (for example, in RVT, CAD or PDF format) (“Drawings”) for purposes of AMFSS advising on the use of proper firestopping techniques and/or issuing manufacturer’s engineering judgment firestop systems, AMFSS hereby agrees that AMFSS will handle the Drawings as follows:

AMFSS will keep the drawings on a secure server for only the period of time for which access to the Drawings is required. Thereafter, the Drawings will be permanently deleted.

AMFSS acknowledges that the Drawings remain the exclusive property of the original author, whether subject to copyrights or not, and AMFSS will have no rights in the Drawings.

AMFSS will not to use the Drawings for any purpose other than providing product or system selection counsel or engineering judgment firestop systems for the Project.

AMFSS will not distribute the engineering judgment firestop systems or Drawings to any third-party without written consent from the original owner.

AMFSS will maintain as confidential any received information which is confidential and clearly marked as such, utilizing a standard of care no less than that used by AMFSS in handling its own confidential information.

AMFSS uses the drawings to aid its engineering staff in understanding a site-specific condition of the Project. From time-to-time, AMFSS may use the Drawings to help prepare AMFSS issued shop drawings (i.e. engineering judgment firestop systems). While AMFSS acknowledges that use of the Drawings is at AMFSS’s own risk, such acknowledgment does not relieve the obligation of anyone using any engineering judgment firestop systems issued by AMFSS to review such for conformance with Project specific requirements.

AMFSS does not require a complete set of drawings in every situation. It is recommended that the Drawing owner consult with AMFSS on the necessary Drawings such that the amount of information transferred is minimized.

The above sets forth the full extent of AMFSS’s obligations with respect to any Drawings accepted by AMFSS and AMFSS hereby rejects any further obligations, warranties, or conditions with respect to such Drawings unless expressly agreed to in a written document signed by an authorized representative of AMFSS.

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